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At the beginning of last month Oakworth were approached by one of our clients who had ordered a Timber Frame to be delivered within in that month.

Our client became had increasingly frustrated by the types of quotes for their foundations. Every quote they had received had a different way of giving the numbers. They asked us to suggest a way to help them.

Our MD John Capper and our Architect, Emma Forrest got together and helped prepare them a specification.

Now all the foundation companies were quoting for all the same work and all the same products that had to be used.

From this, a proper comparison could be made and a true price agreed. It is always a good idea to get a specification done for all the work you are to do; it becomes a much easier task to make the comparisons.

It also becomes a record of what you calculate you have to spend at each stage and then a true record of what was actually spent. You can sit in comfort and plan an estimate of the whole build out by putting your guide price at each item. Then, when the work is done, you can put in the actual price and see if you are on or off target before it gets out of control.

It is so important to monitor and manage progress. The problem areas, such as foundations, which are notorious for being over budget, can be shown and then be allowed for, in the overall budget.

A blank Specification for the whole build can be found from downloads on the internet or by appointing a Quantity Surveyor but you must have a plan to work to.

We at Oakworth Homes would be delighted to offer advice on this subject. This will enable you to deal with these specialist trades with confidence by having an idea of what they should be charging before you meet them.

All this support and more can be given when you order your frame from Oakworth Homes, to find put more please contact our team on 0114 2611150.

(Blog written by Jeff Franks – Oakworth Homes Ltd)


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