Oakworth’s Latest Successful Self-Build Project – Isle of Anglesey

Some 12 months ago, Oakworth Homes Ltd was approached by a self-build client, looking to build his new, 3,100ft2 home on the Isle of Anglesey.

We were competing against a number of timber-frame competitors and we duly submitted our detailed specification and quotation for the project.

In the following months and whilst still in the competitive quotation stage,  we were in regular contact with the client, to allow us to understand his specific requirements and to also help and advise on any aspects where we could. This included guidance on:

-          The overall build / project sequencing, as the client wanted to self-manage the project with his father

-          The detail of how other build elements, such as roofing, windows, blockwork etc. co-ordinate and integrate with our timber-frame

-          The various options for achieving different u-values and their related cost implications

-          The implications of the different 1st floor, under floor heating system options being considered and how we could accommodate each one.

-          Achieving enhanced aesthetics within the finished house, with options for aspects such as vaulted ceilings etc.

At the appropriate time for the client, we arranged an ‘around the table’ meeting, to review and discuss the details and to carry out a site visit.

This meeting brought to light that we were not the ‘cheapest’ on paper, but at the same time allowed us to demonstrate that we were also offering a higher quality of specification, with elements such as Egger Weyroc protect floor decking with its 42 day BBA certification for exposure to the elements; engineered I-joists rather than timber joists, as I-joists offer a far greater stability and won’t twist / warp over time which would result in movement creaking floors. Their pre-cut knock holes also make it easier and more cost effective for the electric / plumbing 1st fix works.

The quality of service offered by Oakworth, combined with the quality of our timber-frame specification, allowed us to be successful, as the client was looking for a high level of real ‘value for money’, rather than a ‘cheap quote’!



We have recently completed the very successful timber-frame build for our client, whom we continue to support, with advice and assistance on his material purchases as his project progresses.

Blog written by Graham Hughes – Oakworth Homes Ltd















Our client has kindly emailed us, stating “… in appointing Oakworth Homes to deliver you your timber frame home, it will soon become apparent that you are being supported by a dedicated team that can assist you with other areas and it takes the time to address the finer details of the project which perhaps you have not even considered …… We would not hesitate in recommending Oakworth Homes, indeed we already have. It is an extremely efficient and professional company that will go to great lengths to deliver what you want. Oakworth Homes definitely provide you with a professional service and product at a competitive rate.”


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