Self Building for First Time Buyers?

As a general rule, the client base for the architectural department at Oakworth consists of self-builders or small developers looking to build anywhere from one to eight properties. Consequently the opportunity to develop a site of up to fifteen properties, is a relatively unusual prospect and inspires new thought processes and challenges.

As the housing market slowly starts to twitch again, the issue of providing affordable housing with lasting sustainability in both fabric and running efficiency, looms ever prominent. As a first-time buyer myself, it also seems to me that the opportunities for young (or not so young in my case) people to buy their own preferred type of home with appropriate mortgage options are still not as freely available as the media would make out.

When a site capable of accommodating up to fifteen new homes, in an area with good service, community and transport links comes our way, it would be a wasted opportunity not to attempt to help this element of the market as much as we can.

We are looking into a variety of two bedroomed houses in semi-detached, terraced and/or quad arrangements with the modest first-time buyer in mind. Our aim is to create a development of good quality, comfortable and well thought out homes for the area, to suit young buyers and families alike.

Please call us on 0114 2611150 for more information…

Everyone has to start somewhere; why not a home to be proud of.

Blog written by Emma Forrest – Oakworth Homes Ltd


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